Latest firmware available

Hi all!
Received about a week ago my DS203. App version that came installed was 1.00. Almost instantly started to notice some softwate bugs, and as per stated in the user manual that downloaded from internet I uploaded the App to 2.35.
Some bugs dissapeared and arrived some new ones.

My question is, which firmware do you reccomend me to download and install in my DS203 which is most bug free and running well?
I read a lot of kinda confusing information about firmware versions with this or that improvement, that I can’t get which one is really working somehow fine.

I’d appeciate if you can point me directly to the best complete firmware (FPGA-SYS-APP) and the link from where I can download it.

I’m not interested in developing this tool, rather in need of using it and take advantage of it’s reduced size, but I’m starting to feel this won’t be a smooth trip.

Waiting for your appeciated help :slight_smile:

Hardware version: 2.70
SYS version: 1.52
APP version: 2.35

I’d use the latest GCC community build, which feels much more useable than the stock app did on my 2.7 hardware…

I have created an intermediate fix for the signal generator problem of the community version. It certainly needs to be discussed if this is the fix we want, because it changes the highest frequency for analog signals to 25KHz. But it at least generates the frequency shown on the display.

I have attached a zip file with the slot 1 and 3 development snapshots of the .hex files. They identify on the splash screen as “GCC v1.25(devel) APP Community Edition”.

EDIT: As per the following conversation with pmos69, my attempted fixes are obsolete since the community APP is supposed to work with Marco Sinatti’s changed SYS. I have therefore removed the attachment and will try to incorporate the SYS1.6 sources into the git repository.

Current community firmware is made to be used with SYS 1.50 1.6 from Marco Sinatti.


I will try with that one.

Are the sources for the SYS available somewhere? If so it may be a good idea to integrate them into the repository.

I found the 1.50 here, but not the changes made by Marco Sinatti.

Yes, that’s not marco’s code.
Marco posted the sources in the forum (somewhere).
It’s easier for me to post them from my files… (68.3 KB)

Great, thanks a lot!

That should make the fix-signal-gen branch of my github repo obsolete. I will remove that branch and (if possible) the above attachment of its build result.

One last thing. From Marco’s website I see that all this goes together with FPGA 2.22. I have version 2.61 installed. Does that matter?

I think I read somewhere that compiling the FPGA requires some proprietary $2,000 compiler. Are there any plans on developing a gcc/gas version of that?

Nope, no problem with FPGA 2.61.
As for compiling for the FPGA, I seem to remember reading in the forum that it’s now possible to do it for free.
As for using open source tools to do it, I don’t think that will happen.

Finally found some time to try compiling this and notice that the USBLib and FWLib code is not part of it. I believe these are actually the libstm32 and libstm32usb. The last version of the Seeedstudio sources, that contained those, was SYS_V1.34. Are those the ones used to build the community SYS?


Hi Jan,

There’s actually no community SYS, as such, just a community APP.
I just used Marco’s SYS as a starting point.
We’ll probably move to the “official” SYS some time soonish, as Marco doesn’t have time to keep developing this.

Wildcat made an APP version with lot’s of changes, one of which is the usage of the “official” SYS, but unfortunately he made all the changes over a pretty old community version (v1.7).
(see viewtopic.php?p=13056#p13056)

I Have in my todo list to port the changes over the latest community version (v1.24), but as you might have seen, I haven’t been able to touch any code for a while now (professional and family reasons).

If you can help, that would be a nice place to start… :wink: :wink:


Hi Pedro,

The latest official version is SYS_B152. But the latest sources available are for SYS_150, which are over a year old. I have not seen any comments from Seeedstudio about plans on releasing the last source changes. They have not said much at all recently, so we may as well assume that source code wise the community is on its own. I presume the B in SYS_B152 means BETA, so there is still a chance that they may get released some day.

To me that means that we should have a community SYS that we can compile and eventually fix. We may want to keep the changes to the SYS to a minimum, so that we experience the least merge conflicts in case SYS_152 sources surface.

I see.

Let me postpone compiling SYS then and try working on that merge.