Latest builds of seeed studio openwrt are broken out of the box on the Dual Gigabit Ethernet Board

Hi folks, please see this Github issue: Builds don't work on a CM4 8GB · Issue #31 · Seeed-Studio/seeed-linux-openwrt · GitHub

Would it be possible to cut a new release with the next OpenWRT release that fixes this issue, or is there a workaround?

My 2nd example I’ve discovered of poor support selling crap. I hate when a company has a forum and doesn’t respond to questions. After all us dopes paid for this crap.

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Hi, Seeed Studio new firmware currently does not support CM4 8GB. It will take time to merge the new official firmware to publish the stable one. At present, the official firmware still exists some stable issues.

Hi folks just to let you know as you can see from GitHub I have been running the latest release candidate 22.03.0-rc6 successfully on the board/CM4. The new release now includes all the drivers required to support the board components I need, so if you want to make this work I recommend going with that. I haven’t tested some things such as the camera connection but the rest and the ethernet ports work great.
e: Also I am using the CM4 4GB and that was still broken with the seeed builds.

Hi, I will contact with the engineers and double check the issues about it.
Thanks for your feedback!