Late shipping of orders and non-24 hours pcb service (scam?

I placed an order for a critical pcb I needed to get on Sept 2nd. I paid a huge premium for their “24hr” pcb service.

First of all it is called “24hr” but then they also call it “2 day shipping”. Even it had been 48hrs I would have been happy.

Instead it is Sept 6th and today I get a notice that the pcb is “processing”. WTF!

This is super late and I have had no communication from Seeed as to why. I feel ripped off but more importantly I missed a crictical deadline and so I can no longer trust seeed for timely service.

I also put another order in on August 25th and it still has not shipped. They advertise as shipping in 5 days … YEAH RIGHT!

This is almost two weeks so far.


Sorry for the inconvenience caused. There was a National Holiday from 3rd to 5th September.

Please write with Order details to customer service and your issue will be addressed suitably.

Warm Regards