Laser Cutting quick start

Hello Team,
Few years ago on your page for PCB service you gave a link to some article. On this article one Italian showed how to check Eagle design with your design rule, how to export layouts with your CAM files. How to check design using GerbView. And how to order PCB from Seeedstudio. This gave me a good start. I believe, this tutorial opened the eyes of many people.

Now I want to try your Laser Cutting service. But I am not experienced in 2D CAD at all. Could you find (or write by yourself) a step by step tutorial, how to:

  • create a simple design, using some free software (for example circle with radius 2 cm., square 3x3 cm, rectangle 2x10 cm) and put it on 10x10 cm sheet.
  • export the design to EPS file
  • How to check the design with some viewer
  • How to measure length of cutting line (not a school lesson, using some tool) in order to set proper complexity;
  • And photo of received cut sheet.
    I believe, this really can help to many people to start using your Laser Cutting Service

Thank your for your suggestion, we will provide a tutorial in a few week later!

For example, this is my design:
In attachment you can find zip with EPS, I am going to send to my order.


  • Is the EPS file OK?
  • What is the cutting length for this design? How do you calculate/measure it?
  • Do you include the border line to cutting length? If you do - does it mean, that 20x20 cm design has minimum cutting length 80 cm?
  • How looks like the result of the attached design? Could you produce an example and put here the photo - what will be sent to me? Not five sheets, one is enough :slight_smile:
  • If the design less than 10x10 cm - should I draw the outlining square?
  • Is it important - what width of line I set in my design? For example, I can set width 0.1mm or 1mm. Am I get the same result in both cases? What it the width of the cutting line? (1.02 KB)

It seems that I have asked too much questions… Let’s try to minimize it.

  1. If I send this file (attached to previous comment) with my laser cutting order - is it OK?
  2. How much pieces of plastic I will receive for each sheet? (I supposed 4)

I would also be interested in this service if it was better documented.