Lack of space for complete setup


I purchased a Jetson Mate Cluster board with 4 Jetson Xavier NX SoMs and followed the step by step installation as per the link and installing via SDK Manager.

After installing the Jetson OS + SDK on all SoMs I reached the stage of installing the Kubernetes orchestrator but when installing an error occurs due to lack of storage because each Xavier has 16Gb and the complete installation consumes completely.

I wonder if it is necessary to install the Jetson OS + SDK in all SoMs because the unit is 100% used.

I would like the ideal installation scheme or some possible solution for this situation.

Thank you.

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Hi @rcpehls ,

You may use this script to remove unecessary files:

I’ve been able to get 5,9GB available with it.

Aditionally you may consider to install k3s instead of a full blown k8s.