Lack of documentation for Seeeduino GPRS


I just bought a original seeeduino gprs. Unfortunately besides few simple sketches in the wiki/github there is no other documentation. Can someone from seedstudio provide a link to proper product documentation.

Here are some of the question that I need to address at first glance:

  1. I need some description of the board - what is the purpose of all leds, button and switches
  2. What are the power requirements - 3.3 5 or 12 V - what amps in what cases?
  3. How to enter power save mode? This board claims 0.1mA in sleep - I need code samples for this. It claims to be a IoT device but there no real useful examples with battery power and long running operations
  4. How to use the RTC? - no single example provided
  5. Where are the windows drivers? Are they same as Leonardo ones - not clear
  6. Is there a preloaded sketch on the board?

Each good product needs good documentation and samples. Maybe they exist but I cant find them

Sorry for that defective document, we would add a completed information to the wiki ASAP. Thanks for your attention and patient.