L298 Dual H-Bridge - How to use with Stepper motor

Just recieved your L298 Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver (MOT103B1M). Please point me at instructions on how to use it to control a stepper motor. I will be using it with an arduino. Please include a sample arduino sketch. Thanks

An H-drive module is designed to drive only a 2 wire DC motor. To drive stepper motors requirs a stepper motor driver, not an H-drive type.


The model purchased from you has 4 pins labeld stepping motor

the “Stepping Motor” just a connector for the stepping motor , you can use the L298 + L297 to drive a stepping motor easyly.Here is the schematic .


but the L298 Dual H-Bridge you bought just have the L298 H-Bridge ,so you need to make a L297 circuit for your setpping motor control.