L298 and unipolar motor

Hi guys,

I’ve the L298 Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver ( seeedstudio.com/depot/l298-d … th=170_173 ) and a spare unipolar stepper motor with 6 wires ( KH56KM2-016 ), is possible to use it with the unipolar motor? All should be drived by a seeduino…

If can be userful this is a photo of my current setup


Up, how is possible that anyone have never used that driver with a stepper motor? :unamused:

As far as I know, L298 can only drive a four wire two phase step-motor.

Yes but the motor is driven as a bipolar ( with the half coil disconnected ), is a common solution to use with 6 wires unipolar motor and should work. :confused:

I’ve loaded on the seeduino the tutorial sketch founded here: arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/StepperBipolar but all I get is just a sort of motor vibration.

I’m sure I’m doing something wrong with the connections, the documentation for the l298 driver is not very clear: for example the documentation say only “EA is connecting with PWM port of control board to control the speed of motor” but is only for DC motor or I still need to provide a pwm signal also for the stepper?

Yes, EA and EB need to be connected to +5V/set to HIGH.