KIT80949P - Wireless Sensor Node - Solar Kit

Hi ! I’m new there, and wich to test for fun.
Some questions :

  • Can i put ANY Grove sensors in any port of the Stem - XBee Carrier included in KIT80949P ?
    I mean ANY Sensors in both Two Grove Connector - One for I2C and other for D6,D5

  • Can I extend the I2C port to add more than 1 sensors ?
    Maybe with Grove - Base Shield - SLD12148P

  • Wich sensors can be plugged on D6,D5 connector ? Is it in/out pin ?

  • Can I retrieve Charge amount and/or power of the On-Board Charge Controller CN3063 ?
    And that WITH or WITHOUT Bee

I planned to put a Wifi Bee on it and retrieve all of those question.
I planned (depend of the answers) to have :
1 for Temp/Hum sensors AND Pressure sensor
1 for Soil moist sensor AND Soil temp (for the garden)
1 for Swimming pool water temp AND (if it exist PH/Chlore sensors one day)
Every with wifi bee in a 15x20m perimetre

Thank you !

Dear customer,

1.The Grove jack you can plug, but some kind of sensor is use in analog or only I2C so may be it should depend.

  1. You can use I2C connect many sensor one by one but not connect with base shield, it is for Aduino or Seeeduino board to plug with.

3.It also depend, there are TX, RX, VCC, GND in Grove jack that mean you can receive or send signal with it.

  1. You mean without Bee can it charge?Yes of course.

More detail you can view in our WIKI.

  1. Then can you make the difference for each before selling them ?
  2. WifiBee havent’ Seedinuino connect ?
  3. Like 1. Is it possible to know which is I2C and wich is only D5-D6 anlog one ?
  4. No. I mean read charge value with OR without Bee. Only with Usb

Hi there,

  1. More about information please view our WIKI. There are more specification that you can know and change by your self.

2.You can use Bees shield to connect with Arduino. … ?cPath=109

3.View the WIKI.

4.Sorry, that is no function like what you said-read charge value.

Sorry, i read all of the wiki board.
I’ve seen nothing about what i ask about the the KIT80949
– Wich sensors can be plugged on D6,D5 connector ?
– Wich sensors can be plugged on I2C connector ?
I’ve buy a Wifi Bee. I need to know how much sensors I can use on it.
If I only can made 1 analogic sensor with 1 analogic port, that make my wifi array very expensive.
If I can only put an I2C sensor (wich i’ve not the utility for the moment on each) and not 2 or 3 that made the price much more expansive.
I Need :

  • Solar Kit, with Wifi Bee on it, AND 1 2 or 3 or 4 grove sensors for the future.
    Can it be possible ?

Hi there,

Q:Wich sensors can be plugged on D6,D5 connector?Wich sensors can be plugged on I2C connector ?
A:You can search on our website search box “Grove-sensor”, that you can see how many sensor you can use with. And some of then are I2C but others are analog or digital.

Now I select 2 of I2C sensor. … th=144_148 … th=144_195

But mostly is digital or analog sensor.

There is another way to realize your project.

1.Use Seeeduino Stalker and base shield also can do the same function.
And a base shield can provide you more interface to connect sensor.
Stalker also can use battery to supply power.

  1. Jump some wire from the ATmega by yourself. If you good at soldering.

Best regards,


Thank you for all your answers.
I understand all you say, but for a “cheap” wireless node with wifi be on each, i cant do your solution.
1 analog and 1 i2c is enough i think for each.

For example i wich an pressure sensor like HP3, BMP085, HP03S who are in i2c, i can have :
a temp/hum in analog port and a pressure in i2c port.
Right ?

Other :
I think it can be possible to made a simple mux for i2c port ?
1 sort for 2 or 3 analog input
1 sort for 2 or 3 i2c input

that make the node with max 6(4 ?) sensors, afforable and amortize the cost of the wifi bee.
For example for soil moisture and soil temp in 2, 3, 4 depth . in one node

Last but not least, i still have ph sensor and salinity/Chlorine sensor on boxes for the swimming pool, can i take the signal there ?

Another :
I think i can retrieve sun hour/solar radiation only with the voltage of the solar panel, but how to send the value with the wifi bee… I’m searchikng everywhere on the wiki before.

Thank for all

Hi there,

According what you need, can you provide your sensor link?
And about the I2C or analog sensor, the kid only supply 2 jack for our Grove product.
As I said jump wire out of the ATmega is cheap way for you.

More information you can view ATmega datasheet.
But need to remind you if you plug too many sensor on it, you should think about the code and the speed of chip, is it fast enough for you project or not?

The other sensor we are not sure how it work. So better you can someone where you bought from.

Any we are not support software. The code should solve by yourself.

Hi !
I think of those sensors : I2C pressure
Thank you Yuriq