KiCAD: Plated through holes vs. NPTH mechanical holes

I am just wondering what is the proper way to submit NPTH data (non plated through holes) with the GERBER/EXCELLON data for Fusion PCBs.
I am working with KiCAD, plotting the drill data creates 2 files: One file containing the plated through hole drills (project.drl) and another file containing the mechanical non plated through holes drills (project-NPTH.drl).

I am not sure but I assume that during production the NPTH are created in a different step that the “normal” PTH drills.

Second question: If I specify a drill diameter for a plated through hole, can I expect the resulting plated hole to be that diameter, or do I have to take into account the copper plating ( approx 1 to 1.5 mil +/- ?) and use an larger drill diameter?


Hi Thomas,

  1. please put both the project.drl and project-npth.drl in the gerber. we can recognize them.
  2. please include the tolerance which is +/-0.2mm of the plated though-hole.
    here are some … cation#pcb