Keypad Module - Netduino

I recently purchased the Electronic Brick Starter kit for use on my Netduino Plus board. Loving the experience so far :slight_smile:. I also purchased the Keypad Module (BUS) … odule-bus/ not realising that this is a discontinued product 

I have tried to work out how this interfaces with the Netduino and have had limited success in getting an output that I can understand. I have searched the internet, the forum and WIKI but cannot find any information on how this board works with any Arduino board.

Does anybody have any information available that you are able to point me towards?

Thanks in advance for your help,

Mike Hole

Dear customer,

I believe you already get the Eagle file via email.

Best regards.


I do thanks but this is information I know already :frowning: I have an active post on the netduino forum if anybody will be able to help: … entry25886

Thanks for your help in this I know this is all the information that is available so looks like I will have to see how I get on on teh other forum.