Kernel Support for A603 Jetson Carrier Board

We are using the Seeed A603 carrier board with Jetson Orin Nano module. I have noticed on your Wiki page (Seeed Studio Wiki | A603 Carrier Board) that to flash the A603 carrier board you provide custom pinmux (.dtsi) files, device tree binaries (.dtb) and a kernel image (Image). I am interested in modifying the kernel image to provide support for devices we will be adding to the carrier board (via the connectors provided). I have rebuilt the Jetson L4T kernel for other custom boards in the past so I am familiar with that process, but would like to know what patches may be required to support the A603 carrier board when building the kernel (e.g. kernel configuration changes, driver patches, etc). Is this information available?

English is my second language, so I may not be able to understand your meaning very well. Please understand that when building the kernel, you need to use JetPack 5.1.1 and later versions of the driver, you can find a lot of relevant drivers in NVIDIA official:

@Seeed_Jostar where can we find the sources that were used to compile the files in this link?