K1100 in M2 Multiplatform Local Node

Hi, my M2 Multiplatform is in local mode: does this mean I can’t bind the K1100?

It says to add the device on the Sensecap.seeed.cc site and the device is there but I’m stuck on that page. The lorawan grove module and the grove Vision AI are attached like in the starter guide. In the Sensecap Mate App it says the device is online and I get values for sound, accelerometers etc.

Or maybe this is the page it displays all the time and the recommendation to go to Sensecap.seeed.cc is normal?

And getting the organisation ID and API key is different that the wiki on connecting NodeRED. Is the wiki out of date or is it displaying wrongly on my phone?

And the sound intensity is always ridiculously high. I have 4 measurements and the lowest is 475dB

And tried the camera and temp/humidity. Neither get any data transferred to the Sensecap Mate. Will be reconnecting the camera and seeing if it works locally.

Update: the camera doesn’t work locally. I am thinking that second Grove Port is not connected, although the lights on the Vision AI Grove are on, so it has power.

464dB. I’m not in the room and there’s no fan on. A bit of road noise but it’s not loud in there.

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Is there a Question in there, What’s with all the posts? You should think clearly and summarize your thoughts into one post, or If asking a question. Be more sesync about it I have NO clue what the SAM Hill you are asking or stating.
“The Volume is too loud” is what it reads like to me? perhaps edit those and put it in one maybe, Highlighting the Question at hand with something like " HOW DO I " ?

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i think they just commenting a stream of conciousness… like i do… from what i got from it, the sensor must have a buzzer that is insainly loud… for no particular reason…

Microphone sensor. Suspect there is a speaker in there too.

The multiple posts were after different troubleshooting steps. Pretty sure that person knows nothing anyway. I don’t know why people like that remove all doubt.

… He is cool… we call him grump monkey!

Latest troubleshooting step. Second USB power supply- in case electrical noise from the first was tricking the device. No improvement.

LOL, I know plenty… :fu: Especially how to post on a forum, You? :face_with_peeking_eye:I see, from your response and style betting you’ll go far and it’s obvious.
So your 12 and journaling your troubleshooting steps from those comments, and Don’t need any help OK, could have stated that too. LOL
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Its ok boss… dont stress him out… I too sometimes just have to talk to myself on here… because no one else will answer me

I ont need help from people like you. Only people with functioning brain cells. The title of the thread had an abbreviated question in it and the first line of the thread had the full question.

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Accelerometer X axis is always about just under -1. So that internal sensor is not working as well as the sound sensor. It has now realised the AI camera is attached though, although the graph in Sensecap Mate always adds 1.00 to the number and the “score” is always 1.00, plus I haven’t managed to figure out what the object it is detecting it is. I thought it was people but AI1 varies about 0.75 in an empty room. AI2 is 0.6 and never varies.