K1100 Dev Kit will not add device with Mate camera scanner on phone

Hi, I purchased the K1100 dev kit, but I cannot get it to add the device in the SenseCAP Mate app. When I scan the QR code on the LoRa E5 board like the instructions say to do, it detects the kit successfully, but it will not go any further, and I end up with devices=0.

I have a SenseCAP M1 in the household, but it does not seem to be registered, even though it is visible and registered in the SenseCAP browser app:

But regardless, I should be able to register a new device in the phone app, shouldn’t I?

Should I be upgrading the Wio firmware somewhere?

Regards, AB

Hi, could you present the image of your APP after scanning the QR? Also, could you tell me when did you purchase the kit? Because there is a time-point we upgraded the firmware and something has been changed.

Hi, I purchased this kit on July 22, invoice 4000116124.

I tried to add the device using the Mate app this morning. It seemed to scan the QR code, and accept it, but when I checked for devices, it still came back as device=0.

Regards, Adrian

Hi, we should need your DevEUI number for further problem verification. Could you send the DevEUI to techsupport@seeed.io ?

Hi, the DevEUI is xxxxxxxxxxxx.

Also, the other question I have is this:

Do I need to register the gateway (SenseCAP M1) with the Mate app? If so, what is the DevEUI?

Also, I just sent the deveui to the tech support address.

Regards, Adrian

Hi, the email has been received. The tech support will contact you as soon as possible. :smiley:

Hi, I am just wondering if this is becoming a bigger problem than you realized? It has been 4 days and I have not heard anything …

Regards, Adrian

Okay… I will help to contact the tech support again