Just received new mega board

I’m very impressed so far. I do have a few questions.

What does the 3.3-5.0 power switch actually enable? The sales page has a bullet point of:
" 5. 3.3V selectable for Port F and Port K" but port F and K are the analog input ports, no?
Could you better explain the power switch and what ports or pins it controls, how I would use 3.3 volt operation, etc.

I see you have posted a schematic drawing for this board, however it’s for some CAD package I suspect. Could this also be posted also in a more common grapic format like jpg or pdf.

That’s all for now, and thanks for the nice job designing and building your new Mega!


the schematic is created in eagle and eagle is a free cad software.

i have also uploaded an image of the mega schematic that is from that download.

I do suggest, however, that you get eagle. if you are playing around with arduinos, you will inevitably be making some sort of schematic some time. :slight_smile:

there is also a more introductory software that you have parts and connect them visually and it will build the schematic. the name escapes me right now but its what ladyada uses in her tutorials. check her page out.

Crocodile Clips maybe ?

Thank you for posting the schematic, it’s just what I was looking for.
Are there any plans to develope a general purpose shield board that can mate up
with the Seeeduino Mega’s additional connectors?

Thanks again;