Jumper Pad Soldering Problems

I am having a problem soldering the Jumper Pads on the PCB of the Rainbow Cube kit.
Solder sticks to the pads but will not bridge (one only gets little balls of solder on each pad) and one of the pads is now damaged due to repeated attempts to solder it.
I’m using a thin Lead Free Solder and an iron with adjustable temperature (but no thermostat).

What is the purpose of these Jumper Pads?

Can you advise of a way to join them?

How can I deal with the damaged pad? Can one easily wire around it?

Which pad can’t be soldered ?

If the Rainbow cube kit can work well , you could ignore the damaged pad(some pads we needn’t to solder)

Hi there, had the same issue, but I only saw 2 LEDs light up red, and that was it. Also I can’t see the leds on the CubePanel board itself not light up, is this needed? If I look at some movies on YT, I can see them light up too.
Taking through the software does seem to work, since it has no problems uploading the demo’s to the Rainbowduino, but hta’s about it. Manual states the pads should be soldered, but I can’t get them to bridge either. Almost melted my connection-rods…
At this moment nothing at all, total darkness (apart from the SMD-LED on the Rainbowduino).