JPG7 Series Level Transducer & Stalker V2.2

I am planning on using level sensor as a river level gauge to protect against floding. It’s currently in place and use on an “old school” system which give updates once a day.

I have a seeduino stalker with a gprs shield and plan on using this system to provide 15min updates

The level sensor works from a 5V supply and output 0.5V to 4.5V.

I am looking for advice on how to interface it, i.e. can I direct connect to the board, +5v, gnd and a read on which pin?
Sorry, I’m more software than hardware.

Any help greatly appreciated.


Datasheet for sensor:
JPG7205C06-50kPa Submersible Type

Hi there,
Is this product form Seeed ? Can you provide the link ? thanks


The link for the sensor I want to interface is in my first message

The Seeedstudio Stalker V2.2 is a Seeed product.


Hi , very sorry that we have not used that sensor before .
Hope any other guys can help you .