JLCPCB manufactures Seeed PCB boards?

It appears that the on-line Seeed gerber viewer has changed from SnapEDA to JLCPCB. I can’t imagine that JLC would allow Seeed to use their viewer, unless they manufacture Seeed’s boards. So, do they? And, if so, is it cheaper/faster/better to order boards directly from JLC?

Thank you.

Hello Tee Dee,

Seeed Fusion boards are not in any way produced by JLC facilities. Our range of capabilities and services are uniquely distinct from that of JLC.

We integrated the EasyEDA Gerber Viewer long before JLCPCB were established and purchased EasyEDA. As a result, we have a continuing agreement to use the EasyEDA viewer.

Hope that clears things up,


Ahh… Wonderful! I did not know about JLC purchasing EasyEDA. I am so glad to know that, because I love Seeed’s boards! I did not want to go to a different board house. Thank you for clearing that up. I have another order to place, right now.

For this new board order, I want to buy three of the 100mm x 100mm/$4.99 boards and have them all shipped together. To do that, I upload the three sets of gerber files and, then, check out to pay for them all at once… Correct?

Thank you for your gracious help.

Tee Dee

Thank you so much! It really means a lot to us :smiley:

Yes, that is right. Just upload and add each order to the cart then you can check-out together. Just another note, the special $4.90 price is for a maximum of 5 orders in one cart/package :wink:

Thank you again!