JHD1313 I2C --- need to know bus values?

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I posted some days ago and have gotten NO response…This site seems poorly managed and monitored by Seeed technical support. I sent an email to Seeed Tech Support and figured I would give this another try here. My questions

I am using the above subject with an MSP430FR2355 (TI ) for a product. I have scoured the web (including github Arduino code) trying to resolve the following: (see enclosed link to the datasheet)

I am able to move the cursor around and change the settings registers by writing to the I2C bus a 0x80 followed by one of the command codes. Question 1 is this correct? OR should I be sending 0x00 0x80 followed by a command register, where 0x00 represents the RS bit??? Another words how do I accommodate the RS bit (see page 16 of datasheet) which is the 9th bit in the sequence for an I2C command???

This leads to the next question should I be sending 0x01 prior to the display address and display data?

The datasheet is very poor and the library code doesn’t help me bcz the commands hide all the low level stuff that I need to see to be able to make it work with my processor.

JHD1313 Datasheet

Hello, sorry for the bad experience, we will reply to your email within 24 hours during business hours. Please forgive me for not being familiar with this product and I may need to trouble you to keep in touch with our email. If you do not receive a reply for a long time, you can send me your email account in a private message and I will urge my colleagues to deal with your issue as soon as possible.

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Hmm, Im wondering if this is any help, PCA9632 : 4ch LED driver (voltage switch type) or a look at how the development board handles that display , I think its the wire lib? SMH on that .
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