Jetson Nano Carrier Board for SoM cluster

Hi all,

Recently I read several posts about Jetson Nano clusters. They are either used for multi-camera video streaming or for Kubernet( K8s ). But generally, what the uploaders did was simply stacking Jeston Nano Developer Kits and connecting master and slaves through Ethernet Switch. This is a simple and great idea, but I think there is a cooler and more elegant solution, which is to build clusters with Jetson Nano SoMs (Compute Module) instead of developer kits.

The basic idea here is to put 4 or 5 DIMM slots on a single carrier board. And there will be an on board Gigabit Swith allowing each module to communicate. Then you can build your Jetson cluster with only SoMs. Do you think it’s a good idea or not? Or should there be any extra features on this Cluster Carrier Board?

All suggestions and opnions will be appreciated.

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