Jetson Mate with Xavier NX SOM x 2 network gets disconnected

The network gets disconnected and we lose access to all the SoM on the Mate.
We have tired with multiple combination - Nano as master with Xavier NX as Slave ,all the SoM as Xavier NX. each time , the network gets disconnected randomly and the connection is restored only on rebooting the Master. we use 90w power supply. with 2 SoM - 1 Nano - Master 1x XavierNx , we have tried with both jetpack 4.5.1 and 4.6

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    We have tried wake on lan, it did not work.
    We have verified that there are no other network issues / ip conflict , the SoMs are up and running , only , network gets disconnected.

I’m sorry for the bad experience, this is extremely rare, have you tried changing your network cable or network environment?

we have replaced the patch cords ,changed the network switch and ruled out other possible issues with network.
when we face the issue of network disconnection ,

  • The LED on the Switch and NIC of Jetson mate are glowing Amber.
  • All the SoM connected are in powered on state , with all 3 LED [Blue,Amber,Green] glowing for the corresponding SoMs.
  • From the Master SoM we are not able to reach any of the Slave SoM.

Once we restart the Master SoM, after which all the SoM are accessible.

I am very sorry that you had a bad experience, now I suggest you contact the technical support email directly and ask them to assist you with an exchange or repair.