Jetson Mate TTY not found

The Jetson Mate Getting Started wiki says to identify the connected serial port by typing dmesg | grep tty at Step 15. Whether I restart the Mate in normal mode or recovery mode, I don’t find any listing for ACM. usb-devices | grep -C4 -i APX does find the device in recovery mode, and I was able to install the Jetson OS, but not the SDK Components.

What am I doing wrong?

I am having the same issue. Successfully flashed (from Ubuntu 18.04 host), and dmesg is silent when I reboot the Mate with the jumper removed. I can technically move forward with a GUI install, but this is not ideal, as it will add the steps of removing GUI components on each module later. Maybe there is another jumper setting on the latest models?

The issue was my USB cable!
Even though the cable worked for flashing, it did not work for TTY.