Jetson Mate not powering up

Hello everyone, is it possible that the Jetson Mate requires all four boards installed to be able to power up successfully? I managed to flash the OS using the master node via USB, then removed the jumper reset pin, but the master itself is not coming up, not on the network, not on the HDMI output. Any help would be appreciated? Thanks.

Hi @jbalzer

It will also work with only the master installed.

There is a jumper cap to be inserted, a micro usb to connect to the computer, and a PD power adapter to be used, and finally the power on button to be pressed

Also Have you used good enough power supply for this?

Hi @ansonhe97,

thanks for your reply. I have the recommended power source, delivering 65 W or 3.5 A at 20V. By power button you mean the “Wake-up button”? When I press that with the USB-C power source connected and the master installed, nothing happens. I suppose the LEDs for the master slot should light up on start?

Could it be the carrier board only supports the B01 version of the Nano?



Hi, just received my Jetson Mate is also having an issue powering up just the Master node. The recommended power source is used, the fan started but nothing happens.

Hi, did you manage to solve your problem?

Got my issue sorted out for Jetson-mate. Works like a charm with Jetson Nano version B01.

Please note that you have to remove the jumper after flashing in Jetson-mate.