Jetpack 5.1 for Orin NX 8gb? J4011

I need exactly 5.1 version and less than 35.3.1 L4T.
Is there any easy way to do this? Because I can’t completely understand what’s happening in almost the same thread on nvidia forum, but for 16gb version on another carrier board. Do I have risks when flashing? It’s not my device

For Orin NX, except for Orin NX 16GB which can be flashed with JP5.1, all other versions of Orin NX can only be flashed with JP5.1.1 and above.

Hi there,
Excuse me, Have you looked at all the threads for these, I would advise AGAINST
flashing a device that is NOT yours and that there is NO clear data to show it can be undone easily.
soapbox off–
GL :slight_smile: PJ :v:

to whom it may concern,
This would be a great area of discussion and explanation for the next LIVE stream.
Covering especially the USE case for these devices, the Differences in both features and PRICE $$$ . Also based on the forum Some caveats and relevant sources for examples and demo’s. The only competition for this is Nvidia but it suffers the same issues as you know.
“Time for a SEEED change” :stuck_out_tongue: