Jetpack 5.0.2 Support for Jetson Xavier AGX H01 Kit


Currently driver support for the Jetson Xavier AGX H01 Kit stops at Jetpack 5.0.1 (L4T r34.1.1)
Is there a release timeline for Jetpack 5.0.2 (L4T r35.1) support?

Thank you.

Iā€™m also very interested in this support.

@hanskw-weston you mention there is support for 5.0.1? I do not see that on the support page for the H01. How did you install 5.0.1?

What a coincidence, the driver is fresh out today! H01 already supports Jetpack 5.0.2! (60.8 KB)

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I followed the instructions on this page.

Thank you for releasing, will try it out soon.