J4105 no video output or running fan after shutdown

Hey you guys, I got the wonderful j4105 (emmc) at a seeed pop up and it’s been working wonderfully last couple months, but last night when I turned it off from within windows and turned it on again this morning. The unit just has the blue power led and power to the USB, there is no video output and I can’t get to the bios. I have tried disconnecting the bios battery and reconnecting, leaving on for a hour to see if it’s just slow and still nothing it working.

I have not updated the bios since I got it, but in other guides it says to update the bios but I can’t even reach it.
Help would be greatly appreciated because I use this as an educational tool for my students in an after school program.

HI, you can try replacing the power supply with another one first, if that doesn’t work you can contact seied for a repair techsupport@seeed.io

Will try doing that, have sent them an email to thank you🙏.