J401 carrier board

I am using with orin nx 16gb. board datasheet claim 4x usb3.2 output but I have suffered low bandwidth issue for two zed2 camera. The reason should be port designed to use same channel ? I followed you wiki page to flash nvidia and have done with all steps

Hi @Davide
Did you connect the ZED camera to the TypeC port, can you provide a wiring diagram?
Please note that TypeC is intended for flash and debug purposes and should not be used for connecting other peripherals. Additionally, the TypeC port operates at USB 2.0 speed, not USB 3.2.

Hi @Seeed_Seraphina ,

I didnt connect the ZED cameras to the type-C.

I connect them 4 usb-A port with different combination, I couldn’t reached 2 camera at the same time. I can connect 1 camera every time but for the second camera it return low bandwidth or camera is not opening error. I think that you should provide the wiring diagram to show board usb3.2 port using unique channel of orin nx