J101 v2.0 no HDMI output and no wired ethernet

Hi, we had some jetson nano boards back from students that were faulty i.e. the baseboard wasn’t working but the jetson nano module was when tried on other baseboards. I bought 2 J101 (v2.0) as replacements however I’m having the same problem with both, I can’t get them to generate any video output or connect to the wired ethernet. I can flash them using SDK Manager and ssh into them from the host machine but don’t get any video output. I’ve swapped the modules between working standard Jetson nano baseboards and the Seeed J101 v2.0s and get video output on the working Jetson nano baseboards but nothing on the J101 Boards.
Any suggestions as to what to try to get video output from the J101s? lspci does list the nvidia module.
Thanks in advance,

Where did you get your Jetson Nano, Is it the eMMC version? Currently, J101 only supports the eMMC version of Jetson Nano, not Jetson Nano from the DEV Kit

Hello Seraphina,
Thanks for getting back to me. That explains a few things. I must admit there is nothing in the J101 packaging or on the Farnell Web Site https://uk.farnell.com/seeed-studio/102991694/carrier-board-nvidia-jetson-nano/dp/4126470 that indicates it needs the nano module with the eMMC memory, unless it’s tucked away in some very small fine print. Perhaps this could be made MUCH clearer on the promotional material.
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