I've just got a DSO203 in my hand :)

Here is the version details of my DSO -
Hardware Ver V2.70
DS203 Mini DSO SYS Ver 1.52
DS203 Mini DSO APP (PLUS A1) Ver 1.00

I’ve already faced some confusion regarding this DSO. It would be great if the user answer my following queries -

  1. Is it the latest one?
  2. I can set 10v maximum in ChA and ChB. So, is it the maximum voltage that can be seen using 1X probe? If yes, using 10x probe I can view only 100v. Right?
  3. How I can enable auto measurement?

There is no “fool proof” button; you need some knowledge how to use an oscilloscope. :sunglasses:


I cannot view measurement of Vmax, Vmin, Vpp, Vavr, Vrms, Freq, Period, Pulse, Duty. Is it mean I do not have any knowledge to use Oscilloscope?

Can I connect 10x probe directly to our power line (230v AC)? If I want to view voltage waveform greater then the maximum rating of this what will happen? Will it be damaged? or it will show some error message?

I did that with the commutable 1x/10x probes on “10x” and it worked.

Thanks paf

As per the spec [80Vpp (x1 probe) / 400Vpp (x10 probe) ], it can cater 400Vpp. Does 400 Vpp not mean 200V peak voltage?

Yes, and 140Vrms… I didn’t see that and just tried. It worked and it still works… but maybe I was lucky!


Guys, pay attention while working directly on mains!

At least it can kill you :astonished:

Confused :frowning:

80Vpp with 1x probe
So, using 10x probe it should support 80x10=800 Vpp

Am I right?

Probably this is right as paf can view 230 RMS using it.
800Vpp =400V peak= 282.84V rms

It’s been recommended not to exceed 60V at the scope with the aluminium version:

Then it is risky. :frowning:

Is the aluminum case grounded together with the DSO circuit?

How can I view more than 60v?