Is this the proper forum for asking for help about IFTTT programming?

I switch phone, and would setup a new control, but Seeed are no longer on the triggerlist.

Did it change name?

How do I manage my groveboard now?

Best regards

Marie Funch-Øhlers, DK

Hi there~

The Wio IFTTT function is EOL. But Wio APP is available. You can use the API from Wio APP to read sensor status and control the actuator. thanks.

Hi. Thank you for respons.

English are not my first language, and tech are… Non at all.

Is it possible, that you would like to explain that, on a children level?

I got wio app for androids, the parts are connected, I can see its online, and when I ask to test, it replays all is fine.

But I do no see any control functions.

When humidity sensor get at humidity below fx 70%,the humidifier shall be turned on.

And a another step in the curing process, when the sensor read a %above fx60 the air dryer shall turn on.

I don’t see, how to do that in wioapp.

Best regards

Marie Funch-Øhlers

Hi Marie,

You can run the code on a PC with internet connection. The code reads the humidity base on the API and then use the if function to change the dryer state through API. here is the example which uses the python language. thanks.