It is not possible to send data from one unit to another unit without any gateway

Using Grove LoRa E5.
I want to send data from one rf unit to another without any gateway,
but the receiver dos not receives the data.
I has initialized both units identically, see appendix

In comparison of both initializations there is one difference, seen in the answer of AT+LW=MC,ON

  1. unit: +LW: MC, ON, e38e9100, 0
  2. unit: +LW: MC, ON, ea343f00, 0
    All keys are default.

My questions:
Is it possible to transfer data from one unit to another?
What is the reason, that it is not working?
What is the difference between
send:AT+ID=DevAddr,“24900D41” receive: +ID: DevAddr, 24:90:0D:41
and the address information in AT+LW=MC?
send:AT+LW=MC,ON receive:+LW: MC, ON, e38e9100, 0
How can I change e38e9100?

Did you try the test mode as documented in AT documentation: ?
I guess your 2 groove E5 modules are same frequency ?
Side note: it has absolutely no chance to work if you program both modules with same identifiers for Lora :wink: