Issues with mounting SD card

Hello all,

This is to inform that we are using a carrier board version A203 (V2) and we have attached the SOM module with it and with the help of SDK manager we flashed the OS and got the installation done right.

But on inserting the SD card it is giving the issues and not able to detect the card

On referring to the document we found that there are some drivers which are required to be installed i.e. inside the kernel we need to replace the dtb file.

But this also doesn’t resolve the issue. It detects the SD card at once but after reboot SD card is shown in the device list and also we are not able to mount it and format it again.

So please provide us with a Solution for it ASAP.

We are aware of this issue and will update the documentation as soon as possible so that the installation of the driver can be completed successfully. We expect to complete this within the next week.

Waiting for the driver update…we want it ASAP…please provide support for this…if you have any other method to mount SD card then please let us know that also

The wiki has now been revised.

sudo ./ ${BOARD} mmcblk0p1
My suggestion is to replace the files and reinstall the system using the above command. Also note in particular that the driver is only supported by JetPack 4.6

Please share the link of wiki [](https://Nano DTB link)
For me the dtb file downloaded through this giving me the same issues…seems like there is no update in that…please send me the updated one

This is the same driver we are currently using and it has been tested to be problem free. (40.0 KB)

You need to be careful to download the corresponding driver package according to the module you are using, the driver packages for nano and nx are not the same.

Its not working for me…i have downloaded the one which you attached above but that dtb file also is not able to get the mounting of sd card done.

Please check from your side…the file which i got is the old one…which is updated in September 2021…so is it updated or not?

The driver package is not updated now and this is the latest version.