Issues with delivery time and rush orders on pcbs

I use the fusion pcb service almost every week. Lately I have been paying an extra fee to get 1-day turnaround but I am starting to wonder if this is a rip-off. The orders always end up taking a minimum of a week before they “ship”. When they do “ship” you don’t actually get a tracking number for several more days (this is when I would really consider it shipping).

I currently have two orders I placed over 10 days ago that I still have not received. I paid rush on both because I was desperate to get them before the Chinese holiday. I was assured it would be no problem.

Now I see my latest order has shipped but via the wrong carrier (not the one I paid for) and my previous order has still not even been marked as shipped. Very frustrating!

In addition to this the most recently received order contained the wrong version of one of the pcbs. I had sent an updated file after submitting the initial e-mail but that message was missed. They agreed to replace it but once again I paid the rush fee, didn’t receive the correct pcb and now I am still waiting for the replacement. That is basically like waiting 1 month to get the pcb you ordered and you pay extra cost for that privilege.

I really really value this service and I don’t want to see it disappear. However it would be nice if there was more reliability and if regular customers got better treatment.