Issues Installing OS on eMMC

The pre-activated Win10 was working fine on the eMMC. I wanted to install Proxmox instead on the eMMC.

Booted from flash drive and started the install to /dev/mmcblk0 (58GB). There are 2 other 4MB partitions as well, I assume from the Win10 install. The installation fails with “unable to get device for partition 1 on device /dev/mmcblk0”

Now the eMMC does not show up in the BIOS.

Any ideas on how to install or get the eMMC back?

Went back to Win10 install with no issues. It looks like Proxmox can’t be directly installed on an eMMC. Going to get an M.2 NVMe.

Yes, PVE can’t be installed on the eMMC.