Issue regarding the custom Grove sensor module PCBA order

I have ordered some Grove based PCBA designs. I am facing some issue regarding i2c sensor communication.

The sensor I have is ICP20100. A i2c detect Arduino sketch is not showing the sensor on the bus. I have followed the datasheet recommendations for the same. I am not sure what could be wrong. If you need I can post the schematic and more details in reply.

Hello, I need your circuit schematic diagram for analysis

This is the schematic around ICP-20100 sensor. Of course, the 10k resistor is not required for I2C instead it should be short. So, I removed the resistor and soldered the pads. I can see other sensors on the same I2C bus.

I tried to put some external pull-ups to the bus which is in my opinion not required as there is already one in the main i2c line, so just for one sensor it is not required. BTW it did not work.
One more thing which I doubt is regarding the caps C8,C9 which datasheet states needs to be low ESR(Equivalent series resistance). Does it matter that much? While ordering, I searched for such caps but did not find any good options for the same so, I decided to use the caps with same values and tolerance.

@nengyu did you got any hints?
I have checked the datasheet and as per the datasheet, one needs to send some dummy transaction to the device to start the i2c. I tried the same by sending some 10 bytes to address 0xEE but still I do not have success.

There might be issue with Seeed PCBA which could help us solve the problem together.