Is XIAO nRF52840 compliant with MIC Radio Certificate when using ZMK firmware?


I saw this tweet from SeeedFusion and am considering making a DIY keyboard combining XIAO nRF52840 and ZMK.

I want to use it in Japan, so I checked “Seeed Technology 211-220207 MIC Radio Certificate” from Seeed Wiki.

In the “EUT Exercise Software” section of the report, it says

"PUTY "* exercise software was used for testing and the power level was default*. The software and power level was provided by the applicant.

I am unsure of the firmware at this time, but would this not be a violation of the MIC Certificate if I write the ZMK firmware to XIAO?

Thank you.

I am asking this question again because I thought my intent was not clear.

Does “Seeed XIAO and XIAO BLE are now formally supported by ZMK Firmware” mean that ZMK is still available within the MIC (and possibly FCC, CE, etc. as well) for frequency, channel, hopping, etc. radio performance?

Thank you in advance.