Is there access to the analog reference on the XIAO BLE Sense?

I understand how to call an analogReference() for use with ADC. Is there a way that I can access that voltage from a pin on the XIAO BLE Sense in order to send it out to an external sensor circuit?

how about using a breadboard and analogRead()?

Is there access to an Aref pin on the XIAO BLE Sense?

if you using a Windows PC, can visit the default route of your file browser: C:\Users\jay\AppData\Local\Arduino15\packages\Seeeduino\hardware\mbed\1.0.0\variants\Seeed_XIAO_nRF52840_Sense

Find the variant.h, open it and define an analog pin as Aref.

then in your Arduino code, just use PIN_AREF to represent the pin you just defined

btw, in the variant.h, don’t forget to delete the “//” before “static const uint8_t AREF = PIN_AREF;” to make it valid

Hi Jay - this worked perfectly, thank you. Two more questions about analog functions - 1) can push the internal reference voltages such as 1.1V to an analog pin and 2) it seems like I can set the analogReadResolution to 16 bit. I like that, but I’ve not seen that mentioned within any documentation. I’m I missing something?