Is there a way to get a useable file from the Nano.


Got my Nano and am up and running. I hope to have a full review ready this weekend.

I have managed to get the hang of the scope pretty quickly including fitting and using the sd card to save readings.

What I really want to be able to do with the scope though is to get some sort of graphical readout to my pc. This is so that I can post reading on my website and forums.

Looking at the .DAT files I can see nothing. Is there an application that can read and visualise them?

Could you maybe post one of the files you have saved here on the forum?

I haven’t gotten mine to save anything yet (probably a problem with the 4GB card being too big), but I’d be interested in looking a little on the file data… :wink:


Damn it. Just noticed something weird. Although it does save the waveform once the sd has been set up, it appears that the waveform is not being saved on the SD card itself???

The only file on the disk with any size to it is named _disk_ID.pod 1kb

I have also noticed that regardless of the file I store the waveform in, it loads the last saved waveform no matter which file I navigate to.

I tried examining the disk under both linux and windows but I dont see where it is savin the file…

Looks like I was premature in saying that I was successfull :cry:

you can use this tool to change the dat to bmp ~ (346 KB)


I have tried the program, and it seems to work OK, though as mentioned in the other thread, all the text was just question marks, probably because I don’t have the right character table or similar. I’m running this on Windows XP Pro SP2, EN.


Will it be possible to get access to a format specification, or maybe some source code, so that I can make a tool myself, maybe for the Mac?


O >.< Sorry… the mune is chinese character … I will publicly source code soon and modify the tool to English…

That sounds really cool, I’ll then try to make a Mac version and make that open source as well.


Thanks for the bmp creator. Not sure what all the buttons do, but I can screen print with alt Prt SC and paste into a file.

Question? Is the sampling rate restricting the resolution of the image, or is it simply that this is what the lcd screen can display. What I mean is in future versions of firmware would it be possibe to save a higher resolution saved waveform for examination on a PC?

This is exactly my question as well: It would be great - of course - to not only store a screenshot of the current measurement, but storing the raw values/signal, so it could be further analyzed on a PC.

That may be beyond the MCU’s capability - -|||

Any progress on a version with English UI?

I’ve made an English version of this proggy using a resource editor. However the “Batch conversion” feature doesn’t work both in original and modified versions.

DAT2BMP.7z (155 KB)

Thanks for this utility.

I have got this to work but I think the image must be constructed of a fixed set of icons and menu items and the variable waveform data superimposed as my menu looked quite different to the one in the resultant image generated. Otherwise the image did appear to be the same as the original.

Any chance of seeing the source code for this utility? From the app icon I guess it’s Delphi.

I found the source code on another thread
‘DSO Nano DAT2BMP tool source code’