Is the XIAO bootloader fuse protected?

Hi, i have a bricked XIAO which im trying to fix by flashing the bootloader again.
While researching on google, i read that there is a fuse, which when set protects the bootloader from being overwritten. (BOOTPROT fuse if i recall the name correctly).

Is this fuse set in the XIAO? If not, bootloader is not protected and can cause the XIAO to be bricked.

Can you guys check whats the value?

@ansonhe97 @Baozhu @jiachenglu … pls help

@John_Doe How to unbrick a dead xiao using raspberry pi [ GUIDE ][openocd] Thank you for sharing.

Hi @Baozhu, are there any updates on this topic?

@Szaja I don’t quite understand what you mean. What else do I need to update?

@Baozhu As I see it, @John_Doe asked a question about potential cause of the bootloader problems, which was not answered by you or your colleagues. I know that there is a method to revive bricked board (also proposed by @John_Doe), but I would expect that you will try to find and solve the cause of the problem. You can’t just expect that all your customers will have a Raspberry Pi to unbrick the XIAO.

XIAO’s Bootloader does not have FUSE protection.You can re-burn with openOCD on any platform. @Szaja