Is the suggested PCB Dimension wrong?

After I upload my Gerber File, the Detected PCB Dimension is 3.75* 3.94 inches (9.5 * 10cm) which is correct, but the system is suggesting the 10cm Max15cm Max PCB Dimension. [b]I have always order the 10cm Max10cm Max for this design[/b], is there going to be a problem if I select the 10cm*10cm PCB?

Hi there,
The PCB size is strict limited, please check it again.

Hey gmua, I had a very similar problem using Eagle… I had created a PCB with an outline of 100mm * 100mm (which should be exactly the right size for a 10cm * 10cm Seeed PCB). However, when I ‘tested’ the upload to Seeed, it suggested 10cm * 15cm! I ‘cured’ the problem by simply shaving off 0.05mm from the top and right PCB outline. (I actually work in mils. so I end up with a PCB that’s 3935 * 3935 mils).
I’m willing to bet that it’s just a numeric rounding issue. Possibly within Eagle itself. Either way, it’s not a major headache.
Nevertheless, I’d have thought it would have been more logical for Seeed to have selected a 4-inch by 4-inch size limit since that would have eliminated us ‘complaining’ about the pesky 1.6mm / 63mil…

Hi Gmua, Hi Spam,
Thanks for feeding back us this issue. If you guys can send me your Original gerber file which caused “10cm*15cm” it would be more helpful. My email address is

Now every gerber uploaded to our system will first be detected the dimension by our system, then our website will recommend a suitable dimension for it. So our IT guys said it must be some issue occured at the recommend stage.

We will check and revise this issue soon.

Hi Gmua, Hi Spam,
I found a gerber similar to 10cm*10cm and found the same issue you mentioned. It’s bug on our system , now our IT guys are fixing it.

Really thanks for telling us this.