Is support staff actually answering questions in here?


Is anyone of the support staff actually answering questions in here?


Forums like this are usually intended for user-user communication. If you want a response from someone at Seeed, it might be best to contact them directly.

Tried that too :frowning:

It is a shame that a company with such interesting products lacks major in documentation (certified components for Europe), support and pre-sales.

Very disappointed.

without direct contact, I have found enough documentation of the products I have purchased on the website of SEEE. Especially in the wiki page of the product. Of course you need to have minimum knowledge in electronics and automation to understand very well.


and this I do not speak English very well

I think their documentation is horrible for the kit I received. They said this is a 2012 kit, it came with NO INSTRUCTIONS and wiki instructions do not work with this kit. My kit is going back to the vendor, they can deal SeeedStudio.