Is LinkIt smart 7688 still active in production line?

As title. We’re planning to package this module into our product, but my concern is not knowing when will LinkIt smart 7688 reaches it’s EOL.

Yes, this product is nearing the end of its life and our supplier has told us that the MOQ for this chip supply takes 20 weeks.

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@Baozhu Thanks a lot! Do you know if there’s any successor of this platform?

Yes, Q4 is expected in 2020.

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@Baozhu I don’t understand, do you mean there will be a new platform with the same functionality to replace Linkit 7688 in 2020 Q4?


It’s not fully compatible, but it’s cheap, it’s available for a long time, it has WiFi/BT, it runs Linux

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Dear Baozhu

Can you tell how long we still have till the EOL?
How long in advance Seeed will inform about EOL?

do you have preliminary datasheet of it’s successor

Announcing that this product EOL is what the original chip manufacturer is going to do, we should not casually end its life.Its MOQ of delivery will only get longer and longer