Is It Time Yet to Buy A DSO Quad?

I’ve been watching this forum periodically since I first saw the Quad. My question is, has the software improved enough to make this a useful device or would it be best to wait a while longer before purchasing one?


Im interested too.
What open bugs in this device?

All in this forum reported of calibration problem, this problem still open?

I think i makes ​​a big mistake when buy the DSO Quad :frowning:
After reading this forum, i think official developers is dead :cry:

I am an owner of the Dso quad. In my own opinion, the device as it is right now is usable. It’s not the perfect device to have in place of a genuine DSO/CRO with regards to calibrations / offsets. But, if you’re of the tinkering kind, the advantage of having this DSO is you have a ready made ARM platform with code that is open sourced which you might like to tweak. Personally, I like the idea of playing with the code a bit when I am able and learn while doing that.

I bought mine a couple weeks ago. It is a really cool device although it needs to be calibrated properly .
Here are some results i got testing with a HP33120A generator if you are interested :slight_smile:











Please show graphics on a higher frequency 5,7,10 MHZ.

I did some measures using the HP generator and it seems the amplitude of the signal is maintained until about 10 MHz where it starts declining



Are the original developers still engaged in improving the product? Or has the Quad been tossed to the community for further development?

One other thing. Does the Quad have an x-y mode yet?

Yes app version2.53 has an x-y mode. Search this site, you will find one post that shows a clock using x-y mode. Neat

Well…a good enhancement has been provided with the beta version provided by the seeedstudio developer “Chip” on Oct 01 : viewtopic.php?f=22&t=1929&start=110 (pack.rar)
that fixed also some important bugs.

Anyway, it’s just a beta…in your feet, i’d wait for the next official release and sources, and for the comunity “validation”.
You can check the official versions here: … mware_List