Is it possible to add audio output interface in seeed-studio-xiao-nrf52840-sense-tinyml-tensorflow-lite-imu-microphone?

I am totally new to hardwares , in my new project we are using seeed-studio-xiao-nrf52840-sense-tinyml-tensorflow-lite-imu-microphone-bluetooth5-0/ for collecting audio ,inference of a ml it possible t take the audio out from this device using GPIOs available in it.Is there anything to watch out for while choosing audio out interface in this controller .We where searching for something like and audio jack 3.5 mm out .

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No 3.5 jack directly, However the part does support i2S so maybe that would be helpful, Analog out? Not sure how you mean to use this. Can you explain more. Are you trying to listen to the samples from the PDM mic onboard or ? after the ML model has them? Give more details and all the smart folks here will comment in an effort to help.
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we are trying to listen to the samples from the PDM mic onboard,also is it possible to transfer this audio to a mobile device ?.

what we are trying to do is:

  1. listen to the sample audio from the PDM mic .
    2.amplify the audio (is there multiple ways to do that?).
  2. transfer the same sample to the mobile device .
    4.pair the module with a listening device like earbud, I guess we need a touch screen or a mechanism to pair
  3. transfer the inferred data from the ml model to the mobile device .
    6.if possible send the data to a cloud storage like s3 bucket or some cloud service .

Thanks a lot for your feedback and support :pray: :people_hugging:

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Well Idunno :thinking:if you’ll get the whole list "maybe"but definitely most of it, You need some Coding Skills but none of it is beyond MID-Level skill set.

Start by:
#1 “listen to the sample audio from the PDM mic” to get a handle on the eco system,
There are some examples on the WikI pages demo’s of all that If I recall correctly, Perhaps the BLE connection would also be a given
.(#2) , easy (#4) however “touch screen” not necessarily (use your mobile device) and DO everything from there, Connect, Configure, Download & Share to Cloud.
The BLE stuff on these is AWESOME. With the IMU , you can use it as gesture movements to say “START” and “STOP” sampling.

It’s good Hardware and Lot’s of smart folks on here with Seeed Support chiming in for the 411.
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great ,thanks for your suggestions ,we also came to the conclusion to use mobile device instead of the touch screen .I will also check out those examples as well .

Great, ALso Take a LQQK at the MIT App Inventor2 Software for the mobile end, Lots of great BLE examples. Works like magic with the Seed Studio’s MCU’s with BLE.
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I was checking that article , I came across this particular device expansion board [ ] , is there any alternatives to this expansion board with a smaller form factor, this has a size of 58 x 43 mm .
does such expansion boards ,exist :slightly_smiling_face:

This one also has expansion Flash memory add-on possible

check out the stuff… :smile: :+1:

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Thanks a lot :hugs: ,This one would be perfect

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