Is Arduino Grove Base Shield preventing using SPI bus?


I am a bit new to Arduino and Grove technology. I have an Arduino UNO communicating with 2 devices using SPI bus (D7 to D13) directly wired to the board. Everything is working.

I just added a Grove Base Shield to my UNO and replug every wire to the exact same pin but SPI communication is not working anymore. Is it something attended that Grove Shield prevent SPI bus to work?

The two SPI devices are a camera arducam and a RF24 radio emitter.

Thank you for your help.

You can try to remove the expansion board when uploading the program, and then install it after the upload is successful to see if it works?

The upload works great, I tried to remove the Shield, upload the sketch and install the Shield. The SPI bus is still not working.

Do you have other sensor devices connected via SPI? such as displays. If not, you can use one of the camera arducam and RF24 radio emitter to first try to see if the SPI interface of the expansion board is normal.If there is still no news, it is recommended that you contact the technical support mailbox to see if it is a product problem.