Is anyone else using PCAD with Fusion?

is anyone else using PCAD (2004 in specific) with the fusion PCB service?

Their techs seem to be having issues with my NC Drill files and my order’s on hold…
I’ve fabbed with at least a dozen other PCB houses using gerbers/NCDs from PCAD and never had an issue in the past, and my data pulls up in Pentalogix with no problems, but if anyone else is using PCAD and can tell me what settings they use to generate data, I’d appreciate it.


hi there,
sorry for the inconvenience, we have found a new factory to make you PCB, they will be processed and shipped in 4-6 working days.

I figured out how to postprocess my NC Drill so CAM350 can read it – it’s just choking on the “;” comment lines that PCAD (and some other packages) use… once I filter them through “grep -v ‘^;’” they work fine…