Iron tip for surface mount components ?


Going to pass an order from Seeed for different stuffs (PCB, respeaker,…) and wanted to take profit to order a good iron solder kit for CMS/surface mount components (I’m based in Europe). What would you advice ? Is it me or none of models proposed by Seeed are efficient for that ? tips look too large !

Thanks for advices,


Hi Vincen ,

for the SMD components check these pointy tips


  • <LINK_TEXT text=“ … -2673.html”></LINK_TEXT>
  • [/list]
  • <LINK_TEXT text=“ … -2676.html”></LINK_TEXT>
  • [/list]

    Thanks for the good links unhappy both are out of stock :frowning: I wanted to order both with that soldering iron <LINK_TEXT text=“ … -2565.html”></LINK_TEXT> but only the iron is avalaible :cry:

    Hi , Do check now It’s avilable. Mini Soldering Iron - Europe Standard (Shape-BC2) : <LINK_TEXT text=“ … -2565.html”></LINK_TEXT>