IR TOY Error

When I run IRToySelfTest.exe after I’ve updated Firmware to
update-USBIRToy.v12 version.
I get error.
Please tell me what is wrong?
WinLirc also doesn’t work.
Please help!
Thank you.

Parameters used: Device = COM19, Speed = 115200

Press Esc to exit, any other key to start the self-test

Hold the IR Toy very close to something white for the self-test

Starting test!
Opening IR Toy on COM19 at 115200bps…
Starting IR TOY self-test…
Getting self-test result…
Error: IR Toy doesn’t have a reply for version command
Test no: 1 of 1
IR Toy Self Test Reply: V102

ERROR: test FAILED! :frowning:

FAI2 - FAI2 - IR LED error
Press any key to continue…

Hi miclmr,

Thanks for the report, I’m sorry about the problem with the IR Toy.

What version of the IR Toy do you have? The latest (v2) has a red or yellow PCB.

There are some problems in v12 firmware, I recommend you load v11 instead: …

Best regards,