IR Proximity Sensor & Ultrasonic Sensor & 9g Servo Brackets

Hello everyone,

I recently purchased all three of these brackets from the robotics section of Seeedstudio (one of my favorite robotics stores on the Internet!).

However, I am a little disappointed that there are no assembly instructions for the brackets that I can find. I cannot even find pictures that show how to put the brackets together.

So, I have been unable to assemble my brackets for the servo and the IR and ultrasonic sensors.

Can anyone please send me a link to instructions for assembling these brackets? Please show me where to find pictures of the assembled brackets, also.

Thank you!


Dear Tom,

Because this product is very simple to assembling and instruction is not useful for flexible installation.
So sorry to tell you that there is no instruction for brackets.
But also you can try many way to assembling sensors, not just in normal.
Anyway, thanks for your support our product. Hope can help you more.

If you still can’t assembling by yourself, tell us. We could shoot some videos to show how to use brackets. Or other new using idea for it.

Best Regards

Yuri Q