IoT Board with ultrasonic sensor

Looking for an IoT BOARD which would be able to measure the water level using ultrasonic sensor. The board needs to run on battery and should have cellular capability . Both the board and ultrasonic sensor needs to have an IP67 enclosure and should be compatible for an outdoor environment. The ultrasonic sensor needs to be able to measure atleast 10 feet of water. The hardware would be measuring the water level once a day. We would like to do a quick prototyping and then if successful we would scale this out to 150 locations. I would also like to know whether this board could be used to scale it out in production?

Hi @kiwi, I’m not sure about single product that could satisfy your requirements currently available or not, but seeedStudio have wide variety of modules available to make your product, and also you can contact seeed customization service.


Did you find a suitable set of parts to make your water level monitoring solution? Looking for a similar setup, being a solution to monitor and manage the water tanks that are some distance from the house. As the water tanks are fed from another tank, the solution will need to:

  • measure the water level once an hour, sending the level over WiFi to the cloud,
  • pumping enough water to the tank to feed the house, and,
  • stop when the required level is reached.

The source water tank solution will need to:

  • Wake every hour to co-ordinate with receiver water tank requests
  • Check water level and if not below cut off capacity turn on pump to send water to receiver tank
  • Turn off pump after either message from receiver tank or after a given period of time.

Done the outline software concept, but need a waterproof ultrasonic sensor with a cable. Can find them on Aliexpress, but would love them to be Grove module.